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We'll be live from Sony's PlayStation 'See the Future' event, today at 3:00PM PT / 6PM ET!

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Sony Gaikai stock 1020
Sony Gaikai stock 1020

Sony told us that we could see the future of PlayStation tomorrow, February 20th. We weren't going to pass an offer like that up. That's why we'll be bringing you the future of PlayStation right here with our best-in-the-business live blog. At 6PM ET in New York City, we'll be reporting live from the event, and you'll be able to read all about the PlayStation 4 — or perhaps the PlayStation Orbis, or whatever Sony decides to call it — the very minute we do.

Click here to read our live coverage starting at 6PM ET

We'll also be streaming the event live, right on our homepage. As soon as the event is over (we're hearing it might be a long one), our own Ross Miller will be chatting with Polygon Editor-in-chief Chris Grant about everything we saw, heard, and (hopefully) played. And while you wait for the event to start, you can read our extensive profile of what the next PlayStation might offer based on everything we've heard and learned up until today.