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World's first 3D printing pen smashes Kickstarter goal in a few hours

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3D printers are getting smaller and cheaper all the time, but they're still not exactly mainstream. The 3Doodler is an attempt to change that — it's a small pen-style device that its creators call both a "world's first" and "the most affordable way to 3D print." It won't be able to print pre-rolled objects such as Nokia phone cases, of course, but instead lets you draw your designs into existence by moving it through the air. Like many 3D printers, the 3Doodler uses ABS plastic that is heated and instantly cooled.


WobbleWorks launched the project earlier today on Kickstarter, and shot past its $30,000 funding goal within a few hours; at the time of writing, it's raised close to ten times that amount. The first orders are scheduled to ship in September, though there only looks to be enough stock for around 5,000 Kickstarter backers in total. Right now, you can order your own 3Doodler for $75 and it should be with you in October.

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