Handheld gaming has come a long way since the days of the Game Boy and Game Gear. Many of us moved from plastic cartridges and link cables to smartphones with console-level graphics and five-point multi-touch. But even with games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja that make excellent use of the ever-expanding real estate of today’s HD smartphones, it’s hard not to feel like we’ve taken a step backward as we strain to look past our own fingers in titles like Minecraft and Zenonia. Some games are just more fun with real analog sticks and a full gamut of triggers and buttons.

Fortunately, several hardware companies have come to a similar conclusion. At CES last month, Nvidia announced its Android-based handheld, Project Shield, and Archos gave us a hands-on look at its dedicated gaming tablet. Both are slated to ship later this year, but if you’re looking to add a little tactility to your smartphone, there are already several accessories on the market specifically designed to do just that. Products like the PowerA Moga and the iControlPad promise to bring console-like controls to your existing smartphone, and to many of your existing games.

The question is, can any of these smartphone gamepads actually live up to that promise? And if so, which ones will work best your existing gear? To make the choice a little easier, we’ve gathered the most popular models on the market today and compared their features, compatibility, and price.