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Sony adds instant 'remote play' of PlayStation 4 games on PS Vita

Sony adds instant 'remote play' of PlayStation 4 games on PS Vita

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Sony has announced a new "remote play" feature for the PS Vita, which will allow PlayStation 4 games to be played directly on the Vita. "Our long term goal is to make every PS4 title playable on the Vita," the company says. It's a strategy similar to what we've seen on the Nintendo Wii U and Nvidia's Project Shield, where home console or PC games can be streamed to a smaller second screen. Though we're not sure exactly how it works yet, Sony says it's integrated Gaikai technology that "effectively makes it a game server." Unfortunately, there appears to be no similar support for tablets, which effectively limits remote play to people who have gone all-in on Sony's ecosystem.

Update: Sony's official press release states that the "long-term goal" is to make "almost every PS4 title" playable on the Vita using the remote play option over Wi-Fi. That's hedging a bit from what we heard in today's presentation, but there's still a lot of time for Sony to get this working before the PlayStation 4's planned launch in late 2013.

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