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Google hypes Oscars, predicts winners according to their search popularity

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Google Oscars portal
Google Oscars portal

Search popularity doesn't determine results at the Academy Awards, but if it did Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence would be in for a good night come this Sunday. That's according to Google's Oscars portal, which launched today in preparation for Hollywood's biggest night. As you'd expect from the search giant, the site offers a wealth of information about this year's biggest movies and all the stars who delivered unforgettable performances on the big screen. A Google Now-style widget offers summaries of all the nominees in popular categories, and Google has also ranked items based on search frequency. (Steven Spielberg would take home Best Director using this metric.)

Of course, Google also uses the opportunity to promote its own tools including voice search, Hangouts, and Google Maps — which will offer visitors an indoor tour of Nokia Theatre in the coming days. And the company also reminds Android users that movie showtimes are always just a query away thanks to Google Now. You can check out Google's Oscar page at the link below.