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PlayStation 4 can upload video while you play, allow users to watch games remotely

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video sharing ps4
video sharing ps4

At its PlayStation 4 event, Sony announced that its new console will feature unique video-sharing features, including the ability to stream video from games as you play them and watch other people's games over the PlayStation Network. Sony says that its "goal is to make sharing of video as popular in PS4 as screenshots are today." Sony says the PS4 features dedicated, always-on video compression that can seamlessly upload gameplay as you use the console.

The console will allow users to watch friends on PSN play games, and the new PlayStation controller has a dedicated button that lets users share their live broadcast. The PS4's video sharing capabilities will also allow players to do more than just spectate: Sony says friends can look over your shoulder, interact with you while you play, and post to your screen if you allow them. The system will even let you allow friends to take over your controller.

Sony is also integrating the video-sharing feature into social networks, and has partnered with Facebook and Ustream to allow users to broadcast their games to a broader audience.