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ZTE promises first Tegra 4 LTE phone for mid-2013 launch in China

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Nvidia logo stock
Nvidia logo stock

Chinese phone maker ZTE is announcing the first phone based on Nvidia's new Tegra 4 chip and equipped with LTE. We don't know much about the still-unnamed "superphone," but it will combine the new 72-core Tegra processor with the Icera i500 LTE chipset, and it's set to launch in China in the first half of this year. It could eventually spread to other markets, like its Tegra 2-based predecessor the Grand X, but there's no indication of that here. And to keep that "super" in the name, ZTE is using separate Tegra 4 and LTE chips, not the integrated lower-power 4i chip we saw yesterday.

As vague as this press release is, it's still the first time we've seen a company commit to a Tegra 4 phone. Since being announced about a month ago at CES, Tegra 4 has appeared in Nvidia's own Project Shield and a single Vizio tablet, with more tablets rumored from HP and Toshiba.