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Australian police raid next-generation Xbox leaker who tried to sell Durango dev kit

Australian police raid next-generation Xbox leaker who tried to sell Durango dev kit

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Australian police officers appear to have raided the home of an infamous leaker of next-generation Xbox information. Known as SuperDaE, Dan Henry supplied over 20 next-generation Durango Xbox documents to gaming site Kotaku recently, detailing new controllers, a mandatory Kinect option, and the ability for Durango to run more than one game or application at one time. SuperDaE tweeted earlier this week revealing that police had raided his premises, allegedly alongside an FBI officer and local Australian law enforcement.

SuperDaE supplied The Tech Game with a copy of his warrant, which lists Microsoft, PayPal, and eBay as part of a criminal investigation. The Verge reached out to the West Australian Police and a spokesperson confirmed the warrant is genuine and that the officer listed as part of the warrant is employed by the West Australian Police force. The spokesperson refused to confirm any further details on the case, pending its outcome. The premises listed on the warrant is blurred out on Google Maps Street View.

The raid appears to be related to an attempted sale of a Microsoft Xbox Durango development kit. SuperDaE listed the equipment on eBay late last year, and the online auction site and PayPal are listed on the warrant alongside Microsoft. A West Australian Police spokesperson refused to discuss the case, but noted "if he wants to tell the world that Police have been investigating him over stolen property that is his choice," while refusing to confirm details about the individual involved.

Microsoft's apparent involvement in the case would appear to suggest that the material and alleged Durango development kit are genuine. The Verge reached out to Microsoft for comment on the raid, but a spokesperson says the company doesn't "have anything to share on this topic."