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Bungie's 'Destiny' is coming to the PlayStation 4

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bungie destiny (official)
bungie destiny (official)

Famed developer Bungie just unveiled its latest project Destiny a few days ago, and now they have confirmed that it'll be making its way to the PlayStation 4. While this isn't a huge surprise, it's still one of the biggest new game announcements Sony made today. It'll also be coming to the PS3, as we already knew, but we also learned that the game will offer some exclusive content for those who buy the game for Sony's latest hardware. Not surprisingly, the game looks great, but there still aren't a ton of details about it. We'll be looking forward to seeing more, likely at E3 later this year.

Update: Bungie has released the official two-minute video announcing Destiny for the PlayStation 4 — including some tantalizing clips of gameplay.