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Blizzard announces 'Diablo III' for PS3 and PS4, as part of 'strategic partnership'

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The biggest surprise of Sony's PlayStation 4 event wasn't even the PlayStation 4. Blizzard has just announced a strategic partnership with Sony, beginning with a port of Diablo III to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game consoles. After years of only supporting PCs, the company behind World of WarCraft is dipping its toe back in the waters of the game console. The game has been updated for console controllers, and will have a four-player co-op mode.

"Many of you are probably wondering why an old-school PC game developer is crashing the Sony party tonight," said Blizzard's Chris Metzen on the Sony stage, explaining that the company now has a "strategic partnership" with Sony to "take over the world." The company has a "deep desire to get back into the mix" of console gaming, and though the company's only announcing a port of Diablo III for today, it sounds like a clear hint that more Blizzard games will come to console in future.