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Google working on touchscreen Chromebooks for 2013 release, says WSJ

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has developed Chrome OS laptops with touchscreens. According to the Journal's sources, the Chromebooks will go on sale later this year, though there aren't any details on which hardware manufacturers are working with Google. Last year the company started selling Chromebooks by Samsung and Acer directly through the Google Play Store. The rumored Chromebook Pixel that we saw in an allegedly leaked video earlier this month could also be related to the WSJ's touchscreen device, though the paper did not make that connection directly.

A touchscreen Chromebook would likely require significant alterations to Chrome OS, which uses a desktop-style interface built around Google's Chrome browser and designed for a mouse and keyboard. The touchscreen laptops would mean Google offered two touch-based operating systems; it's unclear how the company would position the new products against existing Android tablets.