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Google focuses on fashion with Glass, reportedly talking with eyewear startup Warby Parker

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google glass press
google glass press

Google is negotiating with trendy eyeglass startup Warby Parker to make its Google Glass frames more fashionable, reports The New York Times. Neither company has commented publicly on the talks, but it’s known that Google is trying hard to push Glass into the fashion world, with a significant presence at New York Fashion Week in September. Warby Parker emerged in 2010 as an online-only, lower-priced alternative to expensive eyewear boutiques.

During the Glass’s development, Google has consistently focused on transforming the image of the product from a bulky, head-mounted computer into a sleek, connected accessory. The Times points out that 18 months ago, the prototype product weighed more than eight pounds, while today, it weighs less than a typical pair of sunglasses. It's clear that Google recognizes the challenge involved in getting ordinary people to hang its Glass on their faces, and it hopes its newfound friends in fashion can help take the futuristic product mainstream.