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Best New Apps: Sunrise

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sunrise lead
sunrise lead

If it's not in my calendar, I have exactly zero chance of remembering to do something or be somewhere. The biggest problem with that is "my calendar" lives in so many different places now. I have a work calendar, and a personal calendar; sometimes I only get invited to things on Facebook. Not only does Sunrise bring all that data into one great-looking app, it adds everything else I might need for the day, like the weather and whose birthday it is. The app also lets you do stuff with all that information: I can post "Happy Birthday" on my friend's Facebook in two taps, email everyone who's coming to my meeting this afternoon, and even jump straight to Google Maps to get directions to the restaurant where I'm having dinner. All without ever having to leave the app. I've only been using Sunrise for three days, and I already trust it with my life — if I forget anything now, I don't think I can blame my calendar anymore.

Free on iOS