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After high-profile hacks, Twitter announces email security upgrade

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Twitter email
Twitter email

Twitter is adding a new layer of security to the emails it sends out to users, implementing a new authentication technology (DMARC) that the company says should help stop users from seeing email sent out by hackers posing as Twitter. The blocking technology relies on cooperation from email providers, but Twitter notes that the world's biggest — Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL — are already on board.

In a blog post today, Twitter says it began rolling out the security upgrade earlier this month, presumably before the high-profile hijackings of Burger King's and Jeep's Twitter accounts this week. The company didn't, however, make mention of any movement on its reported two-factor account login authentication effort. Still, any security improvements are welcome at this point, with new reminders of Twitter's apparent vulnerabilities coming nearly daily, the latest an apparent hacking of Donald Trump's Twitter account.