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Instagram unlikely to develop native BlackBerry 10 app, says AllThingsD

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Z10 camera
Z10 camera

The likelihood of Instagram coming to BlackBerry 10 as a native app appears to be dwindling. AllThingsD is reporting that sources close to Instagram maintain the company isn't planning to release an app designed specifically for the latest BlackBerry OS. Rather than investing resources in an unproven contender, it seems the Instagram team is taking a wait-and-see approach; BlackBerry will need to once again establish a rapport with smartphone shoppers before Instagram considers embracing its OS. As we reported previously, The Verge has seen an Android port of Instagram running on BlackBerry's new Z10. But considering the subpar performance we've observed from Android apps on BB10 thus far, a native version would obviously be a preferable option for Thorsten Heins and company. BlackBerry has already accounted for a number of popular apps and services on its young platform, but a lack of Instagram remains a glaring hole in the lineup.