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NASA's Google+ Hangout from the ISS with Chris Hadfield is live now

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international space station
international space station

Later this morning, NASA will host a Google+ hangout broadcast live from aboard the International Space Station. As announced earlier this month, ISS astronauts Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn, and Chris Hadfield will spend an hour fielding questions in real-time from Google+ users, as well as pre-recorded questions gathered from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The deadline for submitting video questions has already passed, but you can still submit live questions through Google+, NASA's Facebook page, or on Twitter, using the #askAstro hashtag.

Today's event presents a unique opportunity to connect with ISS astronauts, who are expected to discuss what it's like to spend their lives aboard a spacecraft some 240 miles above the Earth. The hour-long Hangout kicks off at 10:30AM ET / 7:30AM PT today, and will be streamed on NASA's Google+ and YouTube pages; you can also watch it below.