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Fan-made 'Super Mario Bros. 3' video gives first-person perspective of chaotic final level

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FPM: Endgame
FPM: Endgame

The climax of Super Mario Bros. 3 is hard enough when you're playing the traditional way — in 2D with NES controller firmly in hand. Brandon Laatsch has come up with an even better way of illustrating the final world's challenge; he's created "First-Person Mario: Endgame," a video that puts the viewer in Mario's own shoes. The first-person treatment lets you see things unfold just as gaming's plumber protagonist would have experienced them (including the daunting final fight with Bowser). Just don't expect to get a firsthand look at Princess Peach, as Laatsch's video returns to Super Mario Bros. 3's original 2D gameplay just before you make the rescue. It's the second such video Laatsch has made after his original first-person Mario clip was released in 2011. Building these shorts is no small task; First-Person Mario: Endgame required 50 days of rendering.