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Jimmy Fallon plays 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' in first PS4 demo away from Sony's stage

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fallon killzone
fallon killzone

Sony's big PlayStation 4 event on Wednesday was highlighted by an extended playthrough of one of the new console's launch titles, Killzone: Shadow Fall. While the game exhibited all the lovely graphical detail you'd expect from a next-gen title, it was still being played with the calm and methodical hand of an experienced Sony demo man. Last night, however, Jimmy Fallon managed to get his paws on one of the touchpad-equipped DualShock 4 controllers and tried the new Killzone out for himself. The graphics didn't suffer for it, remaining smooth and gorgeous throughout, though the same can't be said for the firefight on screen, which quickly degenerates into a yelling match.

Still no console in sight

While it's encouraging to see some amateur gameplay exploiting Sony's upcoming console, it's also disappointing that the actual hardware remains hidden from view. Sony says that's because the final PS4 specs and design are still being tweaked, but we'd be much more reassured if we could witness the new PlayStation producing the visuals on screen rather than just taking the company's word for it.