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CEO Meg Whitman says HP has 'no plans' to break up company

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Meg Whitman HP (Verge original image)
Meg Whitman HP (Verge original image)

During HP's quarterly earnings call yesterday, CEO Meg Whitman refuted persistent rumors that her company may be split up into separate businesses. "We have no plans to break up the company," she told investors. "I feel quite strongly that we are better and stronger together." The possibility of a breakup again came to the forefront last month when Quartz reported that HP's board was mulling the idea. AllThingsD quickly rebuffed the rumor, however, and Whitman's comments seem to back up that dismissal. At least for now, HP seems confident that keeping everyone under one roof is sustainable. Whitman also reiterated HP's dedication to the PC market, though admitted the company will continue to face struggles ahead. "It's going to take us time to get back on track, but we've made significant progress over the past year," she said.