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Good Deal: T-Mobile offering Nexus 4 free on contract through February 24th

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Nexus 4 Good Deal
Nexus 4 Good Deal

This weekend only, you can nab the Nexus 4 at no cost from T-Mobile after signing a new two-year contract. We'll readily admit that signing the dotted line is a major investment unto itself, but regardless of how you look at it, this is a better deal than the $199 T-Mobile typically charges for the device. Unfortunately the deal is online-only, so don't count on your local T-Mobile retail store to honor the special offer. If you'd prefer to avoid contracts, shipping estimates at Google Play currently call for delivery within one to two weeks — but that means you'll be shelling out $349 at the time of purchase. If T-Mobile service in your area is strong and you're confident in the direction John Legere is steering the carrier, now would make for a good time to investigate this limited-time offer.

Thanks shredder47!