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Best Buy offers two-week, $100 discount on all Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

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Gallery Photo: Acer Aspire S7 pictures
Gallery Photo: Acer Aspire S7 pictures

Microsoft's Tami Reller told us that demand for touchscreen Windows 8 computers was outstripping supply, but it seems that Best Buy still isn't selling quite as many as it would like. Today, the big box retailer announced that it will offer a $100 discount on all Windows 8 touchscreen PCs starting Sunday, in a two-week promotion ending March 9th. What's more, The Wall Street Journal reports that Best Buy itself will be footing part of the bill, joining Intel, Microsoft, and PC manufacturers in eating the cost of the discount.

The discount won't apply to the Microsoft Surface or other Windows tablets, according to the Journal.

Best Buy subsidizes touchscreens

Generally, a touchscreen can add between $50 and $200 to the cost of a Windows 8 computer, and touchscreen-equipped models often also have premium parts, so these discounts would largely apply to more expensive PCs anyhow. In case you're interested in picking one up, we recently reviewed the best all-in-one touchscreen PCs, and gave several recent Windows 8 touchscreen laptops reasonably high marks.

While Best Buy hasn't been doing too well as of late, closing stores and cutting jobs, it recently became friendlier to comparison shoppers, permanently offering to match 19 major online retailers' prices on any identical item in its physical stores.