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Christopher Columbus takes a phone call in bizarre Asus Padfone teaser

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Barcelona Columbus statue taking phone call
Barcelona Columbus statue taking phone call

As this year's Mobile World Congress approaches, Asus has already snagged the prize for Weirdest Teaser. Following up on Wednesday's initial video, in which an unidentified flying objects "docks" with Barcelona's famous Sagrada Família church, the company's latest offering involves a statue of Christopher Columbus coming to life and taking a phone call.

A joke about phone-tablet hybrids — the narrator decribes Columbus as "the guy with the tablet in his hand" — the video seems to promise something new in the company's Padfone line, with the description highlighting an event on February 25th. We can only speculate which Barcelona landmark Asus will take over next, though a video incorporating the city's 38-story Torre Agbar skyscraper wouldn't be surprising.