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Twitter flagging 500px links as 'potentially harmful' (update: resolved)

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500px iPhone app
500px iPhone app

Given the recent spate of hacking attacks, security is no doubt a high-priority focus — but 500px users that like to share on Twitter are finding their links blocked without a clear reason why. As noted by The Next Web, clicking on links shared on the microblogging service calls up Twitter's automated warning page, informing users that the site they're trying to visit may be "potentially harmful." Phishing attacks, spam, and malware threats are indicated as possible concerns.

According to 500px's Evgeny Tchebotarev, however, the claims aren't accurate — and in fact, 500px image previews within Twitter itself still work as they normally do. (Designer Calvin Tennant points out on Twitter that Google's Safe Browsing service does not currently list as a suspicious site.)

While it's not clear what is behind the warnings just yet, a Twitter spokesperson informed us that the company is currently looking into the issue. We'll keep you updated with further details as they become available.

Update: Twitter informs us that the problem has now been resolved.