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Samsung planning Oscars advertising blitz with six commercials, Tim Burton cameo

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samsung super bowl commercial
samsung super bowl commercial

After spending big on its star-studded Super Bowl commercial, Samsung is planning to dominate your TV during tomorrow night's Academy Awards. The company has purchased six commercial spots for the Oscars, though you won't be seeing a repeat of the Seth Rogen / Paul Rudd ad. Instead, Samsung intends to tell a running story throughout the evening, with each of the six commercials fitting in as its own piece of the narrative. According to Ad Age, the campaign will follow a video game publisher as it attempts to release a title called Unicorn Apocalypse. Legendary Hollywood director Tim Burton will reportedly be appearing in the final, 90-second ad — an appropriate fit given the occasion. Beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see what Samsung has in store for Oscar viewers (and its competitors) tomorrow night.