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We're live from MWC 2013: welcome to mobile nirvana

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MWC 2013
MWC 2013

Gaudí. El Bulli. FC Barcelona. La Sagrada Família. The heart of Catalonia is known for many things, but for one week each year, it's known for another: smartphones.

That's right — this week is Mobile World Congress, and The Verge is live from Barcelona covering all the action. Read our preview to get up to speed on what we're expecting.

When you're done with that, check our MWC 2013 hub all week long for up-to-the-minute updates. And finally, keep it locked for our live blogs today and tomorrow:

Sunday, February 24th

  • Mozilla 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 6PM CET

Monday, February 25th

  • Nokia 11:30PM PT (Sunday) / 2:30AM ET / 8:30AM CET
  • Sony 11:45PM PT (Sunday) / 2:45AM ET / 8:45AM CET
  • Asus 4AM PT / 7AM ET / 1PM CET