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Behind the next-gen Xbox leaks and police raid of hacker SuperDaE

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Earlier this week, Australian police raided the home of SuperDaE, a hacker and gaming enthusiast who notoriously tried to sell an Xbox Durango development kit on eBay last year. Speaking to Kotaku, SuperDaE (or Dylan, last name unknown) lists many other achievements: gaining access to Epic and Blizzard's systems, discovering plans for sequels to games like Homefront and Sleeping Dogs, and selling another Durango for $5,000 outside of eBay. But how much of his story stacks up? For every piece that seems inconsistent — or a weird flight of fancy — there's another that's confirmed as true: Epic, for example, sent a signed poster as thanks for pointing out security flaws that had given him access. The police and Microsoft may not be so sympathetic, though SuperDaE says he ultimately did no harm. "It's shocking that they want to ruin me like this," he says.