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Alcatel brings Firefox OS to its budget lineup with the One Touch Fire

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Alcatel One Touch Fire
Alcatel One Touch Fire

We're seeing the first wave of Firefox OS smartphones at Mozilla's MWC event, including Alcatel's One Touch Fire, which shares the stage with ZTE's Open. Like the Open, the One Touch Fire is small and fairly low-end: it's based on the Keon reference design, with a 3.5-inch screen and 1GHz processor. There's a 3.2-megapixel rear-facing camera, 256MB of RAM, and 512MB of storage, expandable with an SD card. That's similar to what we've seen on the low end of Alcatel's One Touch Pop line of Android phones, which were set for a spring launch in Asia. Like the Pop line, Alcatel is going for cheap and colorful, with seven hues to choose from.

We're not yet sure how widely the One Touch Fire will be distributed or how much it will cost, but based both on where the budget Pop phones were released and the fact that Mozilla seems to be targeting developing markets, we wouldn't necessarily expect to see it in the US. Mozilla has said that Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and Venezuela will be the first markets for its phones, with 18 total carriers announced as partners; several of these have said they're aiming for launch in the summer of 2013.