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Samsung confirms Galaxy S 4 for March 14th unveiling (update)

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Samsung Galaxy S III white (STOCK)
Samsung Galaxy S III white (STOCK)

We'd already heard from our sources that Samsung would reveal the Galaxy S III's successor at an event on March 14th, and now it's official. In comments made at Mobile World Congress 2013 and reported by Edaily, mobile chief JK Shin has said that the Galaxy S 4 will indeed be shown off for the first time at a Samsung Unpacked event in New York City. It'll be the first time a flagship Samsung smartphone has been unveiled in the US since the original Galaxy S back in 2010. While we don't know much about the phone itself yet beyond rumors of a 5-inch 1080p display, this is certainly a date to mark in the calendar.

Update: Samsung has tweeted out a teaser for the show, which will be livestreamed at 7PM ET. The tagline "Ready 4 the show?" would seem to suggest that Samsung isn't looking to shake up the naming convention of its flagship series too much.