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Lumia 520: hands-on with Nokia's latest budget Windows Phone

Lumia 520: hands-on with Nokia's latest budget Windows Phone

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Nokia's just unveiled its latest low-end Windows Phone 8 device, and I've spent some time with the budget handset ahead of its release by the end of March. The Lumia 520 borrows the same design language from its high-end siblings, but you're not going to get similar specifications. This is very much a low-end device, with a 4-inch WVGA display, 8GB of storage, and a 5-megapixel rear camera. Nokia has nixed NFC support, and there's no front facing camera for Skype and other video calling apps.

The device feels slightly chubby at 9.9mm thick, but at just 124g its weight is evenly distributed across the unit. Underneath the removable rear cover there's space for Micro SIM and microSD slots, so the storage is expandable up to 64GB. The rear camera is a simple 5-megapixel one that shoots video in 720p, and the results seem identical to other rivals.

Overall it's a nice and colorful budget phone, but for a little extra cash, the Lumia 620 comes with NFC support and a front-facing camera.

Nokia Lumia 520 hands-on photos