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Spotify partners with Ford to bring its music streaming service to Sync-equipped cars

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Spotify is partnering with Ford to bring the music streaming service to cars. Ford will launch Spotify as part of its Sync AppLink system in the EcoSport compact SUV when it's made available in Europe later this year. The integration will also be made available for existing Sync AppLink-equipped cars within the next few weeks across North America.

Spotify's app will support voice commands like repeat, play music, shuffle, and choose playlist. Volvo previously announced its own plans to bring Spotify to its cars, but Ford claims this partnership is the first to directly collaborate with Spotify. In addition to the Spotify partnership, Ford is also launching a number of other apps for Sync AppLink. Kaliki, an app that makes newspaper and magazine articles audible, will also launch its own custom service for Sync. Location service Glympse, and entertainment service Aha will also both launch on Sync soon.

Ford recently opened up its developer program for Sync AppLink to the general public. The program allows developers to integrate iOS and Android apps into Sync-enabled Ford cars. Spotify appears to be one of the first major backers since the company announced the developer expansion at CES this year. We're bound to see many more as the platform grows, but attracting Spotify is a good step towards even broader availability of AppLink apps.