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Watch the Oscars in its entirety on Hulu and ABC

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oscars kodak theater (wikimedia)
oscars kodak theater (wikimedia)

If you missed Sunday night's Oscars ceremony you're in luck, because the show will soon be available in its entirety online. In a press release issued late Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said the ceremony will be available for streaming in the US on Hulu, Hulu Plus,, and the ABC Player app. It's scheduled to go live at 6AM ET Monday morning, and will remain online until midnight ET on Wednesday.

"Perfect for anyone who just wants to relive the most magical moments of the night.”

This marks the first time that the Academy has repurposed its showcase event for online viewing, signaling a subtle shift from an industry that has thus far been reluctant to embrace web streaming. "Our goal is to give fans as many ways to enjoy and engage with the Oscars as possible and this will provide another great opportunity for them," chief marketing officer Christina Kounelias said in a statement. Karin Gilford, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at ABC Entertainment, added that the initiative was geared toward those who missed the event last night, as well as "anyone who just wants to relive the most magical moments of the night."

Monday's launch is part of a broader digital campaign that the Academy launched this year. During the ceremony, offered a selection of "Real Time Oscar Highlights" uploaded almost immediately after their original broadcast, while the second screen Oscars app allowed users to view the ceremony from different camera angles, including some backstage feeds.

Not surprisingly, Hulu and ABC's online stream will be supported by 15- and 30-second ads from an array of sponsors, including Diet Coke, Hyundai, JC Penney, and, of course, Samsung.