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Samsung reportedly uninterested in Firefox OS for its budget phones

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firefox os
firefox os

Sony may be on board, but there's at least one company that isn't interested in Firefox OS: Samsung won't be working with the new operating system, according to CNET. Mozilla's OS is intended for devices in regions that are just now adopting smartphones, a market that Samsung seems to have in mind for its own Tizen operating system. Samsung is only one partner in Tizen's development, but the company today announced plans to fold its previous homegrown operating system, Bada OS, into Tizen — a big move that speaks to its hopes for the new platform.

Between Firefox OS, Tizen, and budget smartphones from Nokia, it's clear that there's significant interest in addressing developing markets. Samsung plans to release multiple Tizen devices this year, and Mozilla is working with partners such as Alcatel and ZTE to bring Firefox OS to consumers. Mozilla isn't simply lacking a partner in Samsung — in its uphill battle against industry giants like Nokia, it has yet another strong competitor.