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Sony exploits Trinitron and Walkman legacy to promote Xperia Z

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sony walkman
sony walkman

There's no shortage of people pining for the old days of Sony, but the company would have you believe it's back to its best. That's the takeaway from a new TV commercial for the Xperia Z, Sony's latest flagship Android phone, at least. The spot plays on nostalgia at first, with images of rollerskating girls listening to Walkmans in the sun and friends playing Gran Turismo on the original PlayStation, before placing the Xperia Z right alongside such lofty company.

Set to a remixed David Bowie soundtrack, stunning footage of the paint-spattered Holi festival in India demonstrates the phone's waterproofing and camera functionality, before a narrator proclaims "Sony has always brought you new experiences, and now you can enjoy the best of Sony in a smartphone."

It's a brave approach from Sony — the company is demanding that customers speak of its latest offerings in the same breath as iconic brands from the past. But we wonder how long this message can be sustained; if nothing else, the campaign certainly raises the stakes for the Xperia Z's success.