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Wii Mini follows Canadian debut with UK launch on March 22nd

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Despite Nintendo's previous claims it had 'no plans' for a UK expansion

wii mini
wii mini

The previously Canada-only Wii Mini is launching in the UK on March 22nd. Nintendo hasn't yet announced a price for the console — which sold for $99.99 CA at launch in Canada — but the news is surprising enough on its own, as the company hadn't indicated that it would be bringing the pared-down console to other markets any time soon. In November, an executive told CVG that Nintendo had "no plans to launch it in the UK," preferring to focus on the Wii U. A statement from Nintendo of Canada's Matt Ryan was less definitive but still noncommittal, suggesting Canada could be a test market.

The Wii Mini, which was first revealed in late November, trades some core features for a lower price point. Notably, it lacks an internet connection or SD card slot, making it something of a throwback to the era before downloadable content became popular and game consoles began doubling as multi-purpose media boxes. The UK Mini will come in red just like the Canadian one, with the same red Wii Remote Plus and nunchuk.