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Clear for Mac shows off Leap Motion 3D support for gesture-based to-do's

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clear for mac leap motion
clear for mac leap motion

Minimalist to-do app Clear for Mac will soon support the Leap Motion 3D gesture controller, Realmac announced today on its blog. Actions like completing to-do's, switching between lists, and scrolling through items will require only a flickr of the wrist — and the $69.99 Leap motion-tracking controller, of course, which is projected to ship within the next month or so. The Leap is remarkably accurate, Leap Motion CTO David Holz told us back in June, tracking your hands down to the hundredth of a millimeter.

"The guys at Leap have been continually adding to the SDK... We actually built our own tools to teach Clear the gestures it should recognize, and each release of the SDK adds APIs that replace the things we've been bootstrapping," Realmac's Nik Fletcher says. "The end result means that we're building on top of the Leap's own gesture recognition and ensure we're offering a really effortless, consistent experience." While waving your hands in mid-air is hardly an efficient way to get through your to-do list, integration with Clear is notable since it's one of the first popular apps to leverage the Leap Motion SDK for consumer use.