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Senate Intelligence Committee drops Zero Dark Thirty probe

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zero dark thirty
zero dark thirty

The Senate Intelligence Committee has dropped its inquiries into the making of Zero Dark Thirty after gathering information from the film's director and screenwriter as well as the CIA. Several members of Senate were troubled over Zero Dark Thirty's surprisingly intimate knowledge of torture, but their concerns appear to have been resolved. A congressional aide confirmed to Reuters that there would be no further investigation.

The committee's inquiry covered whether the filmmakers had been given "inappropriate" access to sensitive materials by the CIA. The inquiry followed a letter by several senators, including committee head Diane Feinstein and committee member John McCain, that detailed their concerns that the film "has the potential to shape American public opinion in a disturbing and misleading manner." With Zero Dark Thirty leaving Sunday night's Oscars with no major awards, the Senate Intelligence Committee appears uninterested in drawing further attention to the film.