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After reaching Twitter token limit, Falcon Pro now priced at $132 to dissuade new downloads

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Falcon Pro for Android Twitter (STOCK)
Falcon Pro for Android Twitter (STOCK)

Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Vergès is caught between a rock and a hard place. His widely-acclaimed Twitter app for Android last week exhausted its allotment of tokens (which give the client permission to access Twitter) far sooner than he anticipated. Even worse, piracy seems to have reared its ugly head, with unauthorized downloads claiming an alarming number of tokens that should have gone to paying customers. And now there's another problem: breaking the token barrier means new downloads are as good as useless, but Vergès can't deliver future updates to Falcon Pro if it's no longer in Google Play.

As such, he's decided the best course of action is to hike Falcon Pro's price into the stratosphere: it's currently listed at $132.13 on Google Play. Ideally that figure will be high enough to dissuade most sensible human beings from hitting the "buy" button while allowing Vergès to keep serving his current users with new features and bug fixes. "I'll keep updating the app, simply because I want to use it as my main client, and I refuse to use an outdated client," he wrote on Twitter. According to the developer, pleas for Twitter to grant him extra tokens have thus far been shot down. As expected, Twitter's reasoning is that Falcon Pro largely duplicates core functionality of the company's official Android app. "They refuse to extend the token limit because Falcon doesn't provide any features that their app doesn't have already," he says.