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Twitter for Windows Phone finally gets the UI and features it deserves (hands-on)

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Twitter for Windows Phone
Twitter for Windows Phone

Twitter released a fairly major update for its Windows Phone client earlier today. I got a chance to take a look at it more closely and compare it to the old Windows Phone client. There are a bunch of improvements in terms of features and performance, but the biggest change is the UI. Twitter has aligned its design with Android and iOS clients, with a similar layout that includes pull to refresh and the discover and connect columns.

The new connect column now includes retweets, follows, mentions, and favorites to allow you to see what's happened to your tweets after they've been sent. There's also support for detecting who you are trying to Tweet, whereas the old client implemented this in a way that wasn't ideal. Lockscreen notifications in Windows Phone 8 are now supported, allowing you to simply glance at your device without having to unlock it.

Performance has also been improved and the resume feature of Windows Phone 8 is fully supported. You can pin twitter accounts, lists, and searches to the Start Screen, and multiple account support is available through a simple switch account menu. Unfortunately there's no photo filter support, but the fact Twitter has committed to a version that's nearly at feature parity with iOS and Android suggests that the company will update this regularly in future.