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Smartphone-sized Photoshop Touch now available for $4.99

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photoshop touch (adobe)
photoshop touch (adobe)

Adobe’s fuller-featured image editor, Photoshop Touch, has been out for a year on the iPad and longer on Android tablets, but until now the company has held off on porting it to phones. Today marks the release of Photoshop Touch for the iPhone and Android, which brings the same mechanics of the tablet version to your smartphone, letting you work with multi-layered files up to 12 megapixels in size. And with a downloadable plugin for the desktop versions of Photoshop CS5 or later, you’ll be able to open those same files, layers intact, back on your PC or Mac.

If you haven’t seen the tablet version, Photoshop Touch offers a number of features over the free Photoshop Express, like the ability to make selections and composites, skew and warp images, clone out distracting elements, and the aforementioned interoperability with the desktop Photoshop. The biggest downsides are that multi-layered files can’t go the other way, from the desktop to your mobile device, and the price — the phone version will cost $4.99, even if you already sprang for the $9.99 tablet version.