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PSA: A mysterious Google Settings app may soon appear on your Android device

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google settings
google settings

Android users are noticing a curious Google Settings app that has added itself to their devices without warning. As noted by Android Central, the app does little except provide shortcuts to the settings pages of various Google apps such as Maps, Google+, and Search. It also lets you see a list of apps which you've connected to using the new Google+ Sign-In system. We've seen Google Settings install itself on two separate devices.

You won't see this app appear through the Play Store; instead, it comes via an update to Google Play services. If you're curious, you can force it yourself by selecting Google Play services from the list of apps in Settings, clearing the stored data, and rebooting your device. It won't make much difference to your Android experience either way, but it is a little odd to see Google pushing apps to users without explanation.