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EA unifies logins to let you stop playing on one device and start on another

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EA electronic arts logo
EA electronic arts logo

EA games will soon allow you to pick up where you left off across all available platforms, from consoles, to Facebook, to EA's Origin. The company has completed an engineering project that allows it to recognize a user across multiple logins and services, VentureBeat reports. In addition to allowing users to switch platforms mid-game, the new effort will enable cross-platform multiplayer and allow EA to directly contact a gamer on the device that they're currently using.

Good for gamers, better for EA

It's unclear exactly how EA will amalgamate users' various accounts, but the effort appears in part focused on adapting to the state of modern gaming. "[Gamers] consume in bite-size chunks throughout the day," EA's CTO told VentureBeat. "All of our games will enable types of experiences that are congruent and consistent on the PC, consoles, smartphones, and tablets."

Of course, EA's intentions aren't entirely consumer focused: the new technology will track players and gather more information about them than the company previously could. EA could use the additional data for more targeted advertising, such as game recommendations closely tailored to a user's purchases across platforms (on a related note, Sony has mentioned that the PlayStation 4 could even download content automatically after learning your tastes). There's no word yet on when the new system will start rolling out to users.