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Good Deal: Sony slashes prices on PlayStation's best games of 2012

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PlayStation Store Good Deal
PlayStation Store Good Deal

Through March 5th, Sony is offering deep discounts on the best PlayStation games of 2012. The sale is running on its PlayStation Store, and includes standout hits like Journey, Assassin's Creed III, The Walking Dead, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Each title included was voted in by the PlayStation community as part of Sony's annual Gamers Choice Awards. The slashed prices also extended to PlayStation Vita (Gravity Rush) and classic PS games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

As usual, Sony is rewarding PlayStation Plus members with the best savings; subscribers are saving a few dollars on most selections and, seeing as it's already part of the PS+ Instant Game collection, Gravity Rush is available for free. The weeklong sale is a great way to catch up on some of last year's stellar games you may have missed out on. And who knows, maybe your purchases will one day be available for streaming / playing on the PlayStation 4.