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Coinstar coin-counting machines are now also PayPal ATMs

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Paypal logo event
Paypal logo event

Coinstar kiosks just got a major upgrade — the machines now allow customers to withdraw money from their PayPal accounts and send money to other PayPal users. Additionally, Coinstar can now add cash and coins directly to PayPal, meaning there's no need to involve credit cards or bank accounts as you ditch your physical currency. Coinstar's standard 9.8 percent fee is deducted from all coin deposits, and customers are limited to adding $500 to PayPal each month.

PayPal has been working to make adding money into its system more accessible. In December, the company launched My Cash Card, a giftcard available for purchase at retailers including CVS and Rite Aid that can be redeemed for the equivalent cash value on PayPal. Coinstar has also offered banking alternatives, allowing customers to change coins into gift cards and often waving their counting fee as an incentive. The new option has begun to roll out in Texas, California, and Ohio, and additional kiosks will be added elsewhere throughout the year.