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Starbucks customers offered 15 free New York Times articles per day

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starbucks london watermark
starbucks london watermark

If you're looking to get free access to The New York Times beyond the ten article-per-month limit, you may want to head to a Starbucks. The two companies announced a new partnership today that will allow customers to access 15 articles per day over the free AT&T Wi-Fi offered at Starbucks locations. The free stories are provided from a special landing page, according to paidContent, which will offer a selection of stories from the Top News, Business, Technology, and Most E-mailed sections of the digital paper, as well as one additional section that will rotate each day of the week. It isn't the first time Starbucks and The New York Times have partnered: locations across the country have long sold print editions of the paper alongside lattes, CDs, and branded thermoses.