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Google adds calendar to Search Field Trial, makes appointments accessible from search bar

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google calendar android
google calendar android

Google is once again expanding its Gmail Search Field Trial, which pulls information from users' mailboxes to populate certain Google searches. Today it's added calendar appointments from Google Calendar to the list of searchable data, so if you've opted into the "field trial" you can perform searches like "what is on my calendar today" or "when am I meeting John" in the search bar and get answers quickly. The whole service isn't too dissimilar to Google Now. When Google first announced the field trial last summer, it said it planned to add calendar results to the service, and now it is making good on that promise. The addition joins other searchable items like, flights, emails, Google Drive, as well as certain receipts, events, and restaurant bookings. If you've not yet joined the trial, you can sign up here if you're in the US and have a email address.