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Marvel heroes take up residence at Hong Kong Disneyland

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marvel avengers official 1020
marvel avengers official 1020

Marvel’s superheroes are descending on Disneyland in Hong Kong. Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the just-announced “themed area” will be the first in the world when it arrives in “the coming few years.” People have speculated about theme park crossovers since Disney bought Marvel back in 2009, and now, given the popularity of 2012’s The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man (they were the fourth and tenth highest-grossing foreign films in China that year), Hong Kong would be able to offer a big draw to tourists from the mainland. And while it might be the smallest of Disney’s namesake theme parks, having the world’s only Disney-run Marvel zone would certainly be an extra incentive for making the trip.

So far, there's still no timeframe to bring Marvel rides to Disneyland in California, although parks and resorts chairman Tom Staggs told Reuters last year that the company has been "hard at work" on building attractions featuring the characters. Not so for Florida, though — Disney is barred from bringing Marvel attractions to Walt Disney World in Orlando by a licensing agreement with Universal Studios.