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The Verge Mobile Show 038 - February 28th, 2013

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verge mobile show intro screenshot 2
verge mobile show intro screenshot 2

Five men. Two couches. One city. Half an internet connection.

Podcasting from the gorgeous metropolis of Barcelona during Mobile World Congress — our Super Bowl — is both a technical and social challenge every year, and 2013 is no exception. Doubly so when the inimitable Tom Warren is guest starring.

Note: The podcast is just audio this week. The internet in Barcelona could not handle the multi-media explosion of your typical Verge Mobile Show.

  • Lumia 720 hands-on: the best Lumia body yet, but the specs let it down
  • Lumia 520: hands-on with Nokia's latest budget Windows Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 hands-on preview
  • Slate 7 hands-on: a standard Android tablet with standard HP style
  • Asus unveils 7-inch Fonepad with voice call support, starting from $249 in March
  • Asus's Padfone Infinity is a big phone, and an even bigger tablet (hands-on)
  • Visa launches over-the-air provisioning of payment data for NFC phones
  • 'Next generation' Samsung smartphones to ship with Visa NFC payment system
  • ZTE Open is the first official Firefox OS phone (hands-on)
  • A tale of two markets: Alcatel shows off high-end Idol X, basic One Touch Fire smartphones
  • With Firefox OS, Mozilla gets a little dirty to clean the mobile web
  • Samsung takes a page from Apple's Passbook with new Wallet app
  • Nvidia Tegra 4: the first benchmarks
  • Nvidia Phoenix hands-on: the 5-inch, quad-core blueprint for mainstream superphones
  • A new flagship phone for Huawei: hands-on with the Ascend P2