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Vimeo introduces 'Looks,' gives users access to over 500 'Hollywood-style' effects

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Vimeo Looks
Vimeo Looks

The user-uploaded videos you find at Vimeo are typically a hair more polished than your average YouTube clip, but that doesn't mean the company is averse to embracing the filters trend. In fact, that's exactly what it's doing today with the rollout of Looks, a new addition to the site's Enhancer toolset that offers over 500 visual effects users can add to their projects. Everything is done directly within the web browser, and you're able to preview each effect in realtime before deciding if it's the right match. With the overwhelming number of options, Vimeo has helpfully categorized Looks by genre and mood to help filmmakers quickly excise effects that aren't likely to fit. Perhaps most intriguing, the video site can also choose a Look automatically "based on technical analysis of the user's video and social data." Vimeo plans to roll out Looks, made possible through a partnership with Vivoom, to registered users within the next 90 days.