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Google CFO hopes Chrome OS will become the Android of PCs

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Chromebook Pixel hero 2 (1024px)
Chromebook Pixel hero 2 (1024px)

At today's Morgan Stanley media conference, Google Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President Patrick Pichette expressed hopes that Chrome OS would become for the PC market what Android is for mobile. In response to a question asking the above, Pichette responded: "The short answer is yes. There is a better mousetrap, it's been invented and it's called Chrome OS." He went on to extoll the security of Chrome OS for enterprise and the convenience of Google Docs.

Initially, Chrome OS offered something that's comparable to the mass of cheap Gingerbread phones that boost Android's numbers: an operating system for a computer that cost only a few hundred dollars. The recently announced Chromebook Pixel, however, shoots for the high-end ultrabook range with a hefty $1,300 price tag, as Google looks to expand the spread of its operating system.