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YouTube for iOS update lets users automatically pair with smart TVs

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The AirPlay-style "send to TV" function that Android YouTube users got in November is now coming to iOS. In an update pushed out today, Google updated YouTube for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, allowing users to automatically pair with Google TVs by tapping an on-screen button. After that, the video plays on the TV, and the device can be used as a remote control. Users can also now manually pair with the Xbox or PS3. From what we can tell, this is distinct from YouTube's DIAL initiative, which requires an app on both the device and smart TV. Google TV hasn't gotten much of a hold on the market, but YouTube has also announced partnerships for other smart TVs later this year.

Besides "send to TV," the latest update integrates support for YouTube Capture, which was launched as a separate app earlier this year and allows iOS users to record and upload video. You'll find this, as well as some stability updates and improvements to streaming over slow Wi-Fi, over at the iTunes App Store.